AISWA Online is an online learning management system (LMS) that is designed to store eLearning courses that are informative, interactive and based on best practice evidence. The platform will be used by teachers, educators, AISWA Staff and other stakeholders to build knowledge and expertise in a range of professional learning content areas. Additionally, the LMS may include other supporting information and activities.

1.0 Online Professional Learning account creation and login

1.1 To access AISWA Online Learning (LMS), Users must request to create an account. The AISWA Online Learning (LMS) login is not linked to a Users AISWA Website login.

1.2 Users need to register for an online course via the AISWA Website in order to gain access to the LMS.

1.3 Users can search for an Online Learning course by using Professional Learning calendar and filtering to select Online Learning by the drop-down menu.

1.4 Once a User has completed the registration process, approval and login information will be emailed to the User's email account.

1.5 Users will be enrolled into the relevant course. Please allow up to 2 business days for enrolment to occur.

1.6 Once the LMS account is created, the New User will be notified via email (check inbox/spam/junk folders) which will contain instructions related to initial login. Previous users will not receive new login credentials and can use their previous.  

1.7 Link is provided to reset forgotten usernames or passwords. 

2.0 Profile – Quick links  

Account username is situated at the top right corner of the LMS Homepage. A range of quick links is accessible by hovering over the username

2.1 Dashboard: see section 5. 

2.2 View Profile: on this page, the User can view profile details. 

2.3 Edit Profile: Users can edit personal information via the Profile page. It is critical for Users to ensure all information (including email address) is current and correct. If experiencing difficulties, contact AISWA Online Learning.

2.4 Preferences: this page provides quick access to various settings directly related to Users LMS account.

2.5 Calendar: view important or upcoming events and end dates. 

2.6 Log out.  

3.0 Navigation Panel 

The Navigational Panel consists of the following:

3.1 Notification & Message Block - located at the top right corner of the page with a bell and speech bubble icon. Click on each to see notifications or unread / recent messages.

3.2 Home: see section 4.

3.3 Dashboard: see section 5.

3.4 My Courses: hover over to see a drop down of User enrolled courses. 

3.5 Course Categories: hover over to see the categories of courses available. 

3.6 Search Bar: utilize this function to search for courses.   

4.0 Homepage 

Once logged in, Users will land on the LMS Homepage. This page contains the following:  

4.1 Announcements. 

4.2 Slider banner: images that interchange every few seconds. 

4.3 Courses block: courses that are offered by AISWA. Hover over each to view a brief introduction. Click on the course to register or send an email to our Support team to determine eligibility.  

4.4 All courses: click on the link to access all courses.  

4.5 Latest news: updates shared by the LMS Admin. 

4.6 Search forums: use this block to search for any forums Users belong to. Users need to subscribe to the corresponding forum to receive the latest updates. 

5.0 Dashboard 

This page contains the names of courses that Users are enrolled in. The layout of this page may vary.  

5.1 Users can check the timeline of the course such as due dates for Course activities. 

5.2 Users can view the percentage completion of each course. Percentage of completion will only display if there are mandatory course completion times.  

5.3 Once a course has been completed or has passed its end date, it will be available under Past

5.4 The course will not be available if the Admin has withdrawn the User for reasons as outlined in the Terms & Conditions.  

5.7 The page also includes a Calendar, which notes important dates. 

6.0 Course Page 

Each course page will vary based on the design of the course. All courses will include the following sections: 

6.1 Navigation Panel: this includes a new tab titled This Course. This tab provides the following drop-down menu: 

6.1.1 Course Content. 

6.1.2 Forum. 

6.1.3 Feedback. 

6.1.4 Quiz. 

6.1.5 Chat. 

6.2 Main Section: this contains contents of the course.  

6.3 Your Progress: this is an automated tracker that checks the corresponding activity / content once it has been completed (this will only show completed if the Admin has set the content to be completed). 

6.4 Course Completion Status: provides an overview of course completion status. 

6.5 Forum: subscribe to the course's forum page to receive course updates and vital communications. 

7.0 Footer 

This section contains additional information and supporting links. Click Contact Us in case of any general inquiry. 

7.1 The Terms & Conditions link provides details on the User’s terms of use of AISWA’s LMS as well as the Services provided including the courses and its attributes.  

7.2 For queries related to the course or AISWA’s LMS, please email AISWA Online Learning.